How it all started!
It all started in 1998 after a move to bonnie Scotland. At first the two special kids, Khloe and Prunella, were bought as pets, but we were gradually persuaded to start showing later that year, and that's where the fun began!

The grandchildren are usually responsible for choosing the name of the new goats, however, with the exception of ‘Bollinger' which was chosen by my son-in-law who has a liking for the famous champagne!

The main influences in the herd are Ballingall Khloe, from Fiona Fairley; Kilsall Prunella, from Angie Carrier and Sire of Merit Newcairn Aramis, from Bob and Susan Mason

These outstanding goats produced the following:

Ch R188 Braynusen Bollinger Q* Br Ch
Scottish Goat of the Year 2008

R110 Braynusen Buttercup Q* Br Ch
Scottish Goat of the Year 2006

R200 Braynusen Bonnie Q*

Braynusen Males - N Ireland , S Ireland , Wales and England

Health Status:
CAE Tested & Scrapie monitored

Breeders Award 2006

This is me (Alan Mann) with Ch R188 Braynusen Bollinger Q* Br Ch.
She was the first Anglo-Nubian to be Champion at the Royal Highland Show.
Sire  SM Newcairn Aramis 
Dam Kilsall Prunella  dob 23-3-2004.
She has been awarded 6 CC's,4 reserve BIS,10 IPCC's and 19 BCC's and Scottish Goat of the Year 2008.
The Braynusen herd grazing.

Braynusen Buttercup - Scottish Goat of the year 2006


Braynusen Bollinger - Scottish Goat of the Year 2008.

A family affair!

The grandchildren are roped into showing with the promise of any winnings.

Braynusen Florence born 13.04.2008
from Braynusen Buttercup
and Braynusen Samson

Braynusen Samson - 4 BCC's and 1 CC
from 4 shows in 2008


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